Look at you in your boots with a Krishnamurti book.

I had a beautiful, heartening and intoxicating (as well as intoxicated thanks to Andrew's wine service) talk with my good friend, Jenny, yesterday afternoon into evening. We talked of the Mayan Prophesies, Edward Cayce, Eqyptian Pyramids, Aliens, Quantum Mechanics, current theories of Reality, paranormal encounters, clairvoyance, etc. I felt i could easily relate all topics above with a unified theory in my head, albeit one that was not easily discussed or expressed. Everything connected. The full contents of our discussion cannot be divulged here; they remain in my sub-conscious clear as day. I do know that it was refreshing to talk with a good girlfriend about intellectual and new age ideas and theories without feeling shame and embarrassment and being met with understanding and openness and an excited interest in sharing her own related stories, theories and experiences. I had to rush out of the discussion in order to be on time to another engagement, but we made plans the following morning.

Today, Scott and I met up with her, her husband, Andrew, and son, Brixton. After an interesting trip to cartwheels and coffee (of bullies and babies) we sauntered over to our local book hole, Chop Suey Books.
20 minutes in, two and a half year old Brixton pulled a book of the shelf and handing it to his mother exclaimed, "this is for Aunty Karen." The book was "Talks and Dialogues J. Krishnamurti: The Inspiring Teachers Leads You to the Clear Consciousness that Transcends Rational Thought."

When you open yourself, the universe delivers.

Thank you Brixton. Thank you universe.
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