Backyard Vignettes

Everything outdoors looks better wet. Except maybe cats.
Nabby wants to go in, and is confused by my frolicking in this chilly drizzle.

So, i take that back. Most everything outside looks better when wet. Wood. Plants. Roads. That's why car commercials rent large sprayers or borrow the town fire hose to paint the asphalt dark. I prefer to let nature's impulses dress up my backyard in all its colorful glory. And the colors in Spring are especially vibrant and awake.

I really love days when fog and mist hover till late morning, when the sky spits on you and the air is wet and heavy. Days when everything is covered with bulbous droplets that sparkle if the sun should chance an appearance.

Days when I can tramp about in my knee-high Hunter boots, in the mud and puddles, like a young child out for an exploration adventure. I'm happy I've regained that sense of childhood wonder. 
And I don't need to go beyond my back gate for vignettes and encounters with miraculous beauty.

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