April Flowers

Spring is in high form this year!

Despite a few unseasonably warm days, it looks like we are going to have a real, official and full season of Spring. Everything is late blooming but seems to be putting on more of a show than in years previous.

I like to take strolls through my neighborhood to admire gardens alive with color. On my block there are a profusion of plants putting forth their best effort to lure potential pollinators. Saucer magnolias' fuschia blooms, yellow forsythia sprays, creeping carpets of phlox, aromatic cherry blossoms and the varied green hues of brand new buds bursting towards the sun all pop against the tawny earth and dilapidated fences in afternoon sun.  It's no wonder Spring is my favorite season.

Below are my favorite shots from this past week. Enjoy! 

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