Blog Manifesto

“On high occasions we’ll make cherry pies with criss-crossed lattice tops and ravioli with crimped edges for the satisfaction of seeing those storybook comforts become real.”        

                                                                                                     ~Barbara Kingsolver

Why can’t each day be a high occasion and cause for celebration? Don’t we deserve an extra dollop of whip cream on our pie slice? Aren’t we special enough for Grandma’s silver to make an appearance on a non-holiday? After all, each day is a gift… and a miracle!  Take time out each day to enjoy the finer things in life and your happiness quotient will rise exponentially. It does not take that much, really, to add a touch of the sacred and wonderful to your home, a beacon of bliss to your life.

Each season has its gifts and each day its moments. In winter, I collect seedpods off brittle botanicals and happily await a blanket of snow while safely curled up in a wool blanket sipping from a steaming teacup. In early Spring I clear the garden beds and unearth the first crocus and daffodil. On laundry day in summer time, I truly savor crisp white cotton sheets hanging in the sunshine and enjoy scouring country roadsides for wild flowers. Fall finds me boot-clad and hunting for the perfect red, orange and yellow maple leaves. Just as we can enjoy the little pleasures inherent in each season, so too can we seek out simple joys each day: lingering in bed an extra few minutes, French-toast Sundays, a throng of swallows overhead, a pink and orange sunset, a napping cat, a three-year-old’s giggle.

My goal is to eke out a life of satisfaction and fulfillment by counting all the little things I have to be grateful for. I embark on this blog-journey to share with you my intimate secrets and new found discoveries of how I infuse my life with more bliss by making each day in some way a “high occasion.”

While my dreams of playing chatelaine to my own little homestead with 3-5 acres is just some distant dream, I still foster farm to table habits you’d expect from a crunchy native of a bygone era like chopping wood, canning seasonal produce, baking ooey-gooey berry cobblers, thrifty furniture re-dos and sprouting plants from seeds in my own peat blend. Here you’ll find mouthwatering recipes to satisfy your taste buds, get you excited to try something new and inspire yourself into an apron; DIY craft tutorials, décor photo essays and “before-and-afters” to help you revamp your home and garden, plus inspiring poems, passages and pretty photos that will remind you what a beautiful world we live in. I’ll also share other emblems of my joy where the simple, rustic and mundane holds hands with the sacred, spiritual and special.

As I seek out and find my bliss, my hope is to become a better co-creator and manifester of my dreams. I wish to express myself wholly, unleash my inner “Jane-of-all-trades” and share the simple (and at times the extravagant) things that make my heart sing. By doing this, I wish to encourage you to let your authentic and unique light shine forth, to follow your bliss and embark on a similar journey of wholeness and happiness.

Love + Light to you all,
       Thanks for stopping by,
                   Karen Diane Wolfe

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”  ~ Elsie de Wolfe

"Our primary drive in life is not pleasure…but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful.”     ~ Victor Frankl
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