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...and just a stone's throw away, lies the Buttermilk Trail,  Forest Hill Park and these beauties:


Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony

Spring is a time of rebirth, a celebration! It is time to remove obstacles that have kept us stuck, forgive ourselves and others for wrongs endured, and allow space for healing and growth. We all have at least one negative thought or pattern of behavior we wish to overcome, or wounds still yet to be healed. Now is the time to remove them; 2012 is an especially auspicious year for inner growth.

On Tuesday, March 20th, I had my annual Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony. The ceremonial fire was lit at sundown, the space was cleansed with sage and set with the intention of removing old obstacles, bad habits (of body and mind), and letting go of the past so myself and the other participants could all move forward and embrace, with open arms, our bright futures.

It was a casual gathering where people popped in and out throughout the evening. I encouraged the guests to come with an intention or a prayer. Some came with their desires already written out, but I had scraps of paper available on a sacred altar, so they could write down their wishes for cleansing their body and soul and then toss them into the flame, thus removing it from themselves and turning it over to the Cosmos to handle. The altar was prepared ahead of time with objects representing the four elements and symbols of Spring and rebirth.

Then we all sat around the sacred fire, in a sacred circle; We chatted, mourned, commiserated and lightened our load a little bit more. After the last person left the circle, and right as the embers' glow began to dim, the Earth blessed us and helped complete the cleanse with a beautiful thunderstorm, intense yet surprisingly peaceful, nurturing and calm. The perfect ending to our spiritual rites.

I hope you will give some thought to the change you would like to see in your inner and outer world, and in your own way, during this transition into Spring, turn over to the Universe all your wounds, scars, negative habits and anything else you've been burdened with for far too long. Even if you don't set up a sacred altar or have any sage to burn, just remember to set aside some quiet time to review the past winter (or year or years if you have never done this). This could be a morning meditation, an evening after-dinner walk, just any quiet time to yourself so you can hear and listen to your heart. Think about that which you most want to be free of. An old relationship that is no longer serving its purpose? People you need to forgive? Self-hatred? Self-abuse? Personal resentment for not sticking to your new year's resolution?

Whatever it is, when you are ready, take a piece of paper, write it down (and you will most likely have more than one thing; I had 5 big ones), and in a safe place (like a ceramic bowl or metal bucket) light the piece of paper on fire, and offer it to the Cosmos. In so doing, you turn it over to the Unknown Universe to solve, to carry, to heal, so you no longer have to. Know that it has been removed and that you are now free. Take a deep breath. Breathe in (on the inhale) a feeling of peace and freedom, and out (on the exhale) bless the Universe and bless yourself.

Be free. That is my wish for you.

Love + Light,

A Creative Spark!

I'm making a door mat. Plain and simple, and kinda (kinda) boring, but I ran across these swell rolls of thick cork (?) laminated with strips of burlap on one side at a local thrift store and decided, woven together, they would make a nifty door mat. Who knows what technical application this material is really used for, but i like the color, weight and texture of the material so why not re-function and re-purpose??!!

Here are the progress shots. Now all i need to do is find some heavy-duty carpet adhesive, trim the edges and then voila! (the end result pics coming soon.)



There is no end to my joy

Friday evening i braved rush-hour traffic to drive all the way out to my mom's house in the county to fulfill an annual tradition. What annual tradition? Cutting and forcing plum tree branches to bloom in my house! Within 2 hours, i was back home, picking vases and determining placement. Fun, fun fun! Because i waited longer than usual to do this, and because the weather has been exceedingly warm, the tree was already partially "open." So, within 24 hours, the house was all in bloom and smelling absolutely sweet and divine! Earlier in the season, and if you are in a Northern climate, the forcing may take up to a few weeks.

I encourage you to find a pretty blooming tree or shrub (there are plenty this time of year: forsythia, magnolia, quince, plum, Bradford pear, etc), preferably one that has a floral scent (not all do) and, after saying thank you and I'm sorry to the plant, cut a few branches to adorn and perfume your house. I make a point to go up and smell the blossoms several times a day, and find that it, well, simply makes me happy!


Go Play Outside!

Tomorrow in Richmond it is going to be 71 degrees and sunny! Though i won't be taking full advantage of it, i encourage you all to take a "personal day" off work and play outside!

Photos by Isa Marcelli.


"I invite you to keep a running list of all the ways life delights you and helps you and energizes you. Describe everyday miracles you take for granted . . . the uncanny powers you possess . . . the small joys that occur so routinely you forget how much they mean to you . . . the steady flow of benefits bestowed on you by people you know and don't know. What works for you? What makes you feel at home in the world?"

From Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology Capricorn Horoscope.



This morning,
March 1, 2012,
a new birth.

On the precipice of a new dawn,
amid birdsong and bobbing daffodils
weighted by the dew of last night's storm.

Last night's storm,
a death,
a thousand rivers' purification.

After the storm,
a stillness,
a peace,
a calm.
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