There is no end to my joy

Friday evening i braved rush-hour traffic to drive all the way out to my mom's house in the county to fulfill an annual tradition. What annual tradition? Cutting and forcing plum tree branches to bloom in my house! Within 2 hours, i was back home, picking vases and determining placement. Fun, fun fun! Because i waited longer than usual to do this, and because the weather has been exceedingly warm, the tree was already partially "open." So, within 24 hours, the house was all in bloom and smelling absolutely sweet and divine! Earlier in the season, and if you are in a Northern climate, the forcing may take up to a few weeks.

I encourage you to find a pretty blooming tree or shrub (there are plenty this time of year: forsythia, magnolia, quince, plum, Bradford pear, etc), preferably one that has a floral scent (not all do) and, after saying thank you and I'm sorry to the plant, cut a few branches to adorn and perfume your house. I make a point to go up and smell the blossoms several times a day, and find that it, well, simply makes me happy!

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