Every year we (we, as in me and someone who is lucky enough to be my date) go tulip picking at an organic tulip farm 2 hours form Richmond. Quite a stretch for just flowers, but the drive, through cedar lined streets and scrumptious small towns and past perfectly red barns and soon-to-be-planted farms, is incredibly scenic and pleasant. This is now my charming Spring tradition 3 years running that i don't foresee stopping anytime soon.

Tulips are $1 per bulb. You find a tulip that wants to come home with you, reach all the way down to the ground and pull it up: stem, bulb, dirt and all! They last about a week in fresh water. This year my friend Christina and I arrived the day before Easter. We threw down some blankets, took off our shoes and enjoyed a a la carte picnic under a cloudless blue. After a little digesting and picture snapping, we set out to find our bouquets! Oh, and did i mention that we saw the Easter bunny? Yep! Taking pictures with all the adorable children in their Easter bonnets. Shucks that we arrived a few hours late for the egg hunt...

These are coming home with me!

Pre-picked tulips wrapped in paper.
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