RESEARCH: The Mayan and Hopi Prophecies of 2012 and The End of the Mayan Calendar

I keep wondering if my spiritual awakening that I am experiencing is a part of this massive world change. I feel bizarre even stating such a thing. Who am I to think I could be linked to such an immensely powerful event and be blessed enough to be aware of the transformation personally and divinely at the same time? But, then again, that is the whole point! I also ponder (and more research is required) how my Saturn Return, which will come about in 2 years, the same time as the 2012 prophesies (My 30th birthday is 9 days after one of the proposed end of days!), is playing a role in the transformation and self-actualization.

Taken from Point of Light. Read the whole article here.

How Does the Maya Calendar Apply to Our Time in History?

Most perceive events of the current unfolding of history as alarming and grim. The reason that it doesn’t seem that humans have evolved to a higher level of consciousness is that so far, ever since “the Fall,” we entered a consciousness of duality, of perceived separation from God, each other and Earth. “The Fall,” expressed in Biblical and other cultural stories, was pinpointed by the Mayans as occurring in history 5,125 years ago. This is the time frame when the current “great creation cycle,” called the Mayan Long Count, began on August 10, 3114 BCE. This also marks the period of history when patriarchal systems of religions and national identities were organized, and written languages arose. A consciousness of domination, competition, inequality, scarcity and fear accompanied this duality perspective. And the earlier experience of the interconnected web of life began to fade. The “Wisdom–Keepers” of indigenous cultures have fortunately preserved some of this ancient knowledge.

The final, Universal Underworld level of our evolution will shift us into our divine consciousness of love and oneness in 2011/2012. But first we must complete our current development in the Galactic Underworld, which heals our duality-based consciousness.

This rebalancing of duality occurs on a human level, primarily through integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of our brain and consciousness. So, the feminine/right brain aspects of awareness and functioning (heart, feeling, nurturing, intuition, cooperation ) will increasingly integrate with the masculine/left brain awareness and functioning (mind, thinking, producing, analyzing competition) whether we are males or females. Humans will become more whole and integrated. And females will rise to truer equality with males as a result. (Interestingly enough, i recently read Art and Physics by Leonard Schlain and was struck deeply by the chapters on the brain, since neurology is one of my favored nerdy subjects. He speaks of the evolution of the brain through the evolution of species, and i remember thinking after he spoke of the split to separate right and left hemispheres that i believed there would come a time when the parts would be united again though more evolved that its previous united state, and perhaps the apparent large number of "whole-brained" individuals was evidence of this slow transition.)

The healing of duality is also occurring through integrating ancient wisdom into modern technology and science, integrating spirituality and materialism. This has been reflected in the new research in Quantum physics, where the scientists themselves are experiencing spiritual opening as they learn about the zero-point field, for example. (Read an exciting article about zero-point field theory here.)

Other Teachings and Theories that align with the 2012 Prophesies:

This “shift of the ages” addresses the astrological progression of Earth’s movement through the influence of the 12 zodiac signs in our cosmos. Each astrological age lasts approximately 2,155 years long. We are currently shifting from the astrological Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The archetypal themes of each zodiac sign are seen as informing the next developmental stage of human consciousness.

In the Piscean age, which opened 2,000 years ago with the arrival of Jesus Christ, most of humanity’s moral/emotional/spiritual evolution was in its early stages. People needed strict rules from outer authority/institutions about what to believe and how to act. During this era, people typically did not have direct access to sacred teachings, but could only receive them through religious intermediaries. With information being controlled by leaders and institutions, it unfortunately was easy to withhold or distort sacred knowledge in order to control the masses.

In the Aquarian age, humans are portrayed as shifting into our capacity for direct access to knowledge and direct experience of spiritual revelation. We are moving away from outer authority, to an inner authority aligned directly with divinity. This ascended status is seen as portrayed by the Aquarian symbol of the “Water-Bearer.” Rather than being like the fish of the Piscean Age, immersed within the waters in mass-consciousness, the individual now has mastery to contain the waters of consciousness in the sacred vessel, and carry it forth. Debate is still occurring in astrological circles whether the Aquarian Age has begun already or not.

Our increasing ability to receive direct knowledge and spiritual experience is being supported by the internet, TV, books and media. Also, specific 20th century discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, yielding the wisdom of the Essenes, and the lost Gnostic Gospels, of Mary Magdalene, Philip, and Thomas have been a major leap in this direction. Each text reveals ways we can access spiritual mastery through direct experience rather than through institutionally controlled and prescribed doctrine. The current ease of public access to such ancient teachings and other forms of knowledge, through the internet and other sources, is like a confirmation of the shift of consciousness we are undergoing with the arrival of the age of Aquarius.

Many other ancient sources of mystical knowledge and spiritual technology, previously withheld from public access, are being revealed as well. The Kabala,
or Tree Of Life, from within Judiasm; the Sufi tradition from within Islam; Kundalini yoga and Shri Vidya (the knowledge of Divine Mother) from within Hinduism are examples. Recent archeological discoveries have also emerged, demonstrating the existence of world-wide, pre-historic, peaceful, Goddess-based cultures that long outlasted our merely 5,000+ years of patriarchal culture and male dominated religions. These discoveries triggered the women’s spirituality movement, which helped restore the feminine face of divinity to public awareness. New information about Mary Magdalene herself being the Holy Grail of the lost sacred feminine consciousness, as well as being the sacred partner of Jesus has also assisted this awareness.
With this background, we can see that we are entering a time where ancient knowledge is emerging in new ways in support of a leap of consciousness many call “ascension” or the “shift of the ages.”
Taken from Point of Light. Read the whole article here.
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