TJ had a pet mockingbird

Drawing by Louis Agassiz Fuertes
On a winter river walk, I came upon a scattered pile of mockingbird feathers, evidence of some battle. Whether it survived or not was not immediately evident, but I have my suspicions...
a brief synopsis of a mockingbird totem/symbolism (taken from this animal totem site.)
Mockingbird teaches you the power of song and voice.
It can help you learn new languages and speak them fluently.
People with a Mockingbird totem are known for their talents, rather than their appearance.
It can also help you find your “sacred song” or your life’s purpose
and helps you realize your inner talents.
Mockingbird will help you act on it without fear.
Remember that your inner song is never lost –
if you missed one opportunity, another one will always appear.
Mockingbird also helps you flush out people and events that can hurt you
and allows to see who and what they are.
You hear the true song of others.
Follow your own path. Learn to take what you can and apply
your own creative imagination and intuition to it
and your life will be in harmony.
They teach us how to develop confidence within ourselves, sing out our truth and stand up for what is rightfully ours.
The mockingbird is closely linked to the South...
THE SOUTH - This is the direction that deals with the heart, emotions, innocence, trust and childhood. It is where we are able to see the world through a child's eyes and marvel at the beauty and magic of the world. It is like a mirror, where we are able to undergo self-reflection, viewing our past and how it is affecting our present.
Empathy, Trust, Faith, Inclusion, Love, Emotional wisdom
A dive into ethereal bloodlines reveals the music of undulating emotions. We submerge into renewing waters where we lean into the cosmic aortic pulse. Each beat of our collective heart mixes our life waters, and we experience whole love. In this emotionally-focused quadrant, we softly feel our way into a greater current. We understand unity. We swim easily within the community, following downstream paths of love and least resistance.
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