Spring has Sprung...almost

OHHH...it's so close. I mean, it's practically here! It snowed this past weekend (our first of the Winter) and there are still some parking lot icebergs spotted across the city, but it's almost here nonetheless. The daffodils in traffic medians are blooming. The birds are joyfully singing. The sun is shining. Most days the temperature reaches above 60 degrees F. Yes, indeed, i think Spring is almost here!

Now is the time to take a moment, a day or two, or whatever feels right, and honor Winter with one last internal meditation and do some deep-soul-seeking. What have these quiet, cloaked few months taught us? What were your New Year dreams and aspirations? Are we planting nutritious seeds for our future: thinking positively, loving ourselves (and others) despite setbacks, moving consistently forward?

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