Middle Eastern Dough Molds...Baking Inspiration

My good friend Jenny spotted these dough molds up at the Forest Hill Antique Market yesterday for $12 a piece, and texted me a pic saying they reminded her of me. (How sweet!) And yes, they are indeed right up my alley. Yesterday  I was pretty much bed-ridden with aches and pains associated with this head cold. Today I feel much better thanks, in part I'm sure, to Ron's fantastic soup! (see below). First thing in the A.M. i headed out to procure these darling dough machines-of-old, not quite sure what they were and how to use them.

Oh, Google, how i love thee.

Seems they are hand-carved dough molds, specifically used in the Middle East for cookies and sweets such as date, pistachio and walnut stuffed Ma'mouls or Maamouls. Oh, goody goody gumdrops; something new to try! And, wouldn't you believe it? They are traditionally served at the Islamic holiday signifying the end of Ramadan or the Hajj which is just around Easter, or in my book, SPRING EQUINOX, which is coincidentally right around the corner. Now i just need to head out to my nearest Middle East/Indopak market for some dates and pistachios and research some nom nom recipes.

I am also harassing my friends who own a local bakery to see if they want to join up for this adventure. I'll offer free hands, molds, photos and publicity through my blog and their site. I'm picturing a drawing to win a spot for you and a friend to learn how to make and bake traditional Ma'mouls and celebrate Spring with the bakery staff, plus a half dozen ma'mouls to take with... Stay tuned for more!
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