9...8...7...days until SPRING!

Folks. OMG. It is a mere 7 days until Spring and I cannot believe this is the first i've posted about it! No requisite macros of crocus and daffodil flowers? No vases brimming with plum blossom branches you can smell through the screen. Okay, well the latter is because my mom (choking back a sniffle) chopped down her purple plum tree because the fruits were smashing into her car on the driveway and making an awesome mess. There goes that annual tradition. I did, however, save the wood from the tree to honor in this or my next Spring Equinox fire ceremony!

Speaking of... March 20th everyone. Mark your calendars. Here in the northern hemisphere on March 20th at exactly 7:02 A.M. (EDT) Spring will officially begin. This means more sunshine, more flowers, more light, longer days! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Indeed this is cause for a celebration! The long, cold days of winter where everything around you is bland and dull and seemingly void of life is transitioning over to an energy of aliveness. Can't you feel it already? The great thaw, as they say. Not so much here in Richmond, VA since we didn't see any white stuff that stuck around through the night. However, I am fairly confident the James River will swell in the next week or so with the liquid remnants of winter's snowy cloak from farther upstream in the Shenandoah. I love to walk the riverbed this time of year, hear the roar of the thaw pounding downstream, and watch debris chart a course to oblivion.

It is indeed a time for Spring cleaning, literally and figuratively. A time to shed layers of clothes and layers of negative habits, beliefs, people and things that no longer serve us. It is a time to sow the seeds of our inner and outer gardens with positive intentions for the coming year. What would you, your soul, most like to harvest in 2013? More abundance? A healthier you? More trust, faith and a "go with the flow" attitude? Now is the time to ask.

For inspiration as you contemplate your personal, professional and spiritual goals, read this Equinox Message channeled from Archangel Gabriel. I know it has put me in preparation mode for the ceremony i am to perform next week. Read about last year's Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony here.

Want an invite? Comment below why you would like to join me for a cleansing fire ceremony on March 20th at sundown, and don't forget to include your email!

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