Public Radio + Campfires

Today I am grateful for public radio and campfires.
I'll explain; read on...

I've been tuning in a lot more to public radio since Ron moved in this Winter. One daily routine of his is listening to NPR over his morning tea and crossword puzzle. Sometimes the constant noise and sound in this house drives me up a wall. I need my quiet and solitude to be tranquil, calm and at peace. Especially in the mornings. I like to stare off into space and zone out, or drift into listening to pleasant birdsong, becoming completely present and letting my mind wander or go clear. 

Ron can tune out the radio while he is reading or concentrating, but my brain just doesn't work that way. Depressing, upsetting news broadcasts find me pleading for him to turn it off. That is just not how I want to start my day.

Oh, but i thought you said you were thankful for public radio? Right. To the point then.

Ron typically leaves the car radio tuned to 88.9 (our local public radio station) and I LOVE listening to music or uplifting or educational segments while driving. Yesterday's random drive about town blessed me with a broadcast that introduced me to Chic Gamine, a Canadian folk girl-group. Their melodies cover the gamut from Mo-town to a typical sixties singer-songwriter. One of their voices reminds me of Feist. I am sharing my favorite song of theirs (Paper Moon) with you here. The song was written and the harmonies rendered over a campfire. It makes we want to snuggle on a log listening to acoustic guitars and pretty voices under a "softly bright" moon.

Yes, sometimes silence is golden, but other times dreamy music is just as good, or better. This music sets the stage for a romantic night under the stars. Oh, and a plate of Spring asparagus, roasted over the flames wouldn't hurt either.

Thank you, public radio! Thank you, Chic Gamine!
And happy listening to you, readers everywhere!

Paper Moon by Chic Gamine on Grooveshark

 Listen to the full "All Things Considered" broadcast here.

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