T h e G r e a t e s t G i f t

With all these recent feelings of fresh pure bliss happening within, I have had a strong desire to share the gift I have received and how I have achieved this, albeit transitory and for the moment fleeting, feeling. But my path is my own and not another's (and I have a habit of coming across dogmatic and pushing people away with my abstract intellectualizing of experiences that have no proof) and when i received this letter (below) in my Facebook inbox, i knew it was meant for me now. To heed and put into practice.

The Greatest Gift:

I realize the greatest gift I can give another is my time.. people need to be given attention, listened to and appreciated. They do not need us to lecture them or seek to change them. Let us make the time for others as we need to make time for ourselves.
The greatest gift we can give another human being is OUR TIME
Time is precious. It is a very valuable thing in our lives.
And when we give our time to hear another... to converse with another.. to gaze upon the beauty of another..we are being so generous from our heart.
How much should we appreciate it when someone gives us their time?
It is one thing to get a gift... a present... some money....
But when another person gives some of their time it is a gift worth all the money in the world.
It is someone giving themselves to us.
And when we do the same for others we are truly blessing them with what they need most of all.
All people need attention.
All people need to be heard
All people need understanding.
All people need to be accepted for who they are.
But we need to make time to listen to people, really take in what they are saying without jumping in with our own story or some so called helpful advice.
Most of all, people just want to be heard.
They don't need the fixing. They can get that from all the self help books that adorn the shelves of book stores.
They don't need to be told to do this or that... they have probably worked that out for themselves.
They just need us to be there for them.... to hear them without judgment, to just love them... not to change them!
People will change in their own good time.
If they need our advice on how they want to change they will ask for it.
But for the most part, people are sick and tired of the lectures... they are sick and tired of being told what to do or what not to do.
They don't want us to criticise them.
They don't need us to be their judge
They don't need us to be their moral authority.
They don't need us to be their saviour
They don't need us to change them.
People just want us to be by their side... to be their friend... to love and accept them for who they are.
And the greatest way we can show people how much we love and accept them is to give them our time.
We can hear what is going on for them
Give them empathy
Demonstrate to them just how much we care.
Show them that we are all in the same boat and as they might be in a place of fear right now so we have also known that place.
So let us think just how we can give people more of our time.
It is so generous when we reflect on just how we are able to give more of our time to people... at home... in our social circle... in the work place or in our community.
Let us give of our time.
And as we honour and respect people with the gift of our healing attention made possible through making time for them, we find our own hearts becoming more loving.
We also need to give ourselves time.
We need so much to make time for ourselves so that we can relax, be nurtured or pampered.
We so much need this healing time
And when someone makes the time to give themselves to you, be so honored.
So many people have so little time for other people
Blessed are those who make the time.
So dear and special friend... do open your heart and share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject
I love you

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